Linksys Velop WiFi mesh system

Velop is WiFi that sets you free

Linksys Velop gives you the freedom to connect effortlessly to your WiFi throughout your home. Play video games in your garden or stream music in your living room without worrying about signal dropout. Velop covers your entire living space with a fast connection and a super simple setup so that you’re free to do what you want, wherever you want.

Unlike traditional routers or range extenders, the Velop system sends flawless, full-strength WiFi around your entire home for smooth streaming and downloads.

The Linksys App makes setting up your new system a breeze. All you have to do is place the nodes around your home, name your WiFi and choose a password.

If you have Amazon’s Alexa, you can turn your WiFi network on or off with a simple voice command, or give a friend guest access in moments.

Velop™ is Pure WiFi Freedom

Traditional routers might not reach the far corners of your home. But Velop nodes can be placed anywhere, providing you with full-strength WiFi that suits any situation or house layout.

100% WiFi Mesh Network Signal

Velop has a modular WiFi mesh network that outperforms traditional routers and range extenders – offering a seamless WiFi system without lag or buffering. Velop gives you full-strength WiFi everywhere that you want it, without the signal degrading or dropping depending on how close you are to your router.

Velop - Full strength WiFi without degredation
Velop in the house
Velop - Full strength WiFi without degredation

One of the common frustrations of WiFi is reduced signal using a router with a range extender. Although range extenders broadcast your WiFi further than your router can on its own, they reduce the signal so that you can lose a reliable connection when moving from room to room.

Other WiFi systems in the house

Enjoy the freedom of one WiFi name & password

Range extenders create multiple networks and WiFi addresses, forcing you to manually switch between the router and range extenders to maintain a connection. Velop runs on a WiFi mesh network, so that all of the nodes communicate to create a seamless, full-strength signal without any interruption.

Velop WiFi - Multiple nodes work as one network

One WiFi Network Name

One network name
One single network

OTHER WIFI - Requires manual switching between your router and range extenders

Multiple WiFi Network Names

Multiple network name
Multiple networks

Easy to Set Up

Velop features simple app-based setup using the Linksys App. In just four simple steps, you can set up your whole home WiFi system.

Download the app

Download the Linksys App

Download the app

Connect to your modem

Download the app

Name network & create password

Download the app

Place nodes throughout your home

Dynamic Tri-Band Speed Means No Time for Buffering

With Velop’s tri-band technology you can enjoy blazing fast, seamless WiFi on every device in your home, so you can stream video while the kids are gaming online.

Manage and Monitor Your WiFi

Keep your kids safe by restricting access to certain websites and limiting WiFi usage during family time or after their bed time.

Parental Control

Parental Control

Keep your kids safe by restricting access to certain websites, creating boundaries and limiting WiFi usage during homework and bed time.

Parental Control with the App
Device Prioritisation

Device Prioritisation

If you’re watching Netflix and you want to prioritise your streaming, you can choose which devices get the most bandwidth. Prevent buffering when it matters and reduce access to devices that might slow down the network.

Device Prioritisation with the App
Guest Access

Guest Access

Easily share a guest network with friends and family to keep your WiFi secure. Just text them a unique and safe WiFi name and password and they can easily access the network.

Guest Access with the App
Speed Test

Speed Test

Monitor your internet speed by getting real-time upload and download speeds, all at the touch of a button.

Speed Test with the App
Parental Control

Auto Fix

Velop automatically selects the best WiFi channel, updates security firmware, and optimises the system to avoid interference and ensure you always have the strongest signal.

Auto Fix with the App

Velop Works with all Home Types

Terraced townhouse? New-build apartment? Cottage? Compared to traditional routers, Velop performs well within every home type and size. Due to the modular design, you can add additional nodes to work around problem areas or reach across multiple stories.


For long or wide homes with lots of square footage, a Whole Home WiFi system with three or four nodes will spread your WiFi from one of the house to the other.


If you live in a 2-story, modern and contemporary home with metal construction, you will need two or three nodes for unobstructed WiFi.


For terraced homes with lots of brick and concrete two or three nodes are perfect for spreading the WiFi throughout your home.

Designed to Fit in Anywhere

Velop is beautifully designed so you can place nodes in plain sight.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions


    7.9 x 7.9 x 18.5cm per Node

  • WiFi


    MU-MIMO Seamless WiFi (802.11AC Wave 2)

  • Radio Configuration


    Tri-Band, 2.4 GHz - 2x2, 5 GHz Radio 1 - 2x2, 5 GHz Radio 2 - 2x2

  • Security


    WPA2 encryption

  • Processor


    716 MHz Quad Core

  • Ethernet Ports


    2 WAN/LAN

Get Home WiFi Freedom with VELOP™

Velop is true whole-home WiFi without buffering. It delivers blazing fast, tri-Band speed at 100% full-strength. It's easy to set up and expands as your needs change. Set yourself free and WiFi with Velop.

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