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These days coffee connoisseurs are spoilt for choice when it home to coffee machines – just take a look at our vast range! Of course, your choice will likely depend on how seriously you take your daily cup of Joe but it’s probably fair to say that most coffee lovers are after a machine that prepares a first-rate caffeine hit without requiring the skills of a veteran barista. Luckily, all our Miele coffee machines are expertly designed to deliver that desirable marriage of quality and convenience.

Take the CM 6150 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which utilises an array of innovative features to guarantee great tasting coffee every day with the minimum of fuss. After all, who’s got the time or energy to faff around with a labour-intensive espresso machine at 7 o’clock in the morning? This ingenious Miele coffee machine is so good at taking the effort out of the morning coffee routine you won’t even have to turn it on! Just program your machine to automatically turn itself on in the morning and you can wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee without having to lift a finger.

Designed with everyday convenience in mind, our Miele coffee machine collection is no less impressive when it comes to quality. You can even customise your machine to deliver coffee exactly the way you like it by taking advantage of individual parameter settings that can be precisely programmed to follow your preferences, all the way from grinding the beans to the temperature and amount of water you prefer.  

Our extensive collection of coffee machines spans a wide variety of price points and should have something for everyone, whether you’re only in it for the daily caffeine kick or care deeply about the crema on your morning espresso. Check out our complete collection of bean to cup coffee machines to browse the latest models from leading brands like Melitta and Delonghi, and be sure to explore our espresso machines if you’re after a tailor-made coffee companion that gets your morning espresso right every time.

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