Miele Refrigeration

About Miele Refrigeration

Packed with the latest technical and practical innovations, Miele fridges, freezers, and fridge freezers keep your food fresh for longer while also helping you better manage your shopping, eat healthier, and more importantly, save big on energy bills.

With a wide range of premium design products, you’ll find a Miele refrigeration appliance tailored to your household.

Discover the Miele Refrigeration Range


Miele refrigeration appliances feature a dynamic cooling system that circulates air for an ideal calibration of temperature and humidity. With DynaCool, your fruits and vegetables, and your wines and cheeses are kept in ideal storage conditions.

FlexiLight LED

See your food as you would on the shelves of your favourite shops. Miele refrigerators are fitted with an innovative FlexiLight LED glass shelf lighting system that can be adjusted as you wish, so that every corner of your fridge is illuminated – in addition to wetting your appetite, it encourages better management of your fridge content.


Save the hard work for your DIY projects. Miele’s NoFrost system distributes cold, dry air evenly to prevent ice from forming inside your refrigerator, freeing you from the hassle of defrosting while keeping your food fresher for longer.


Set up your fridge freezer in the way that works best for you and your family. Miele refrigeration appliances are versatile and can be configured to your exact specifications.