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It takes a whole host of electronics (and therefore cables and other kinds of accessories) to transform your living room into the ultimate entertainment centre. This can include everything from a television and DVD player to speakers and games consoles, to name just a few. To make the most of your epic entertainment hub, take a look at our TV accessories range, which includes television aerial cables, extension leads and adapters, among other accessories, to create the ultimate cinematic experience.

When you need to hook up an HD television to an internet-enabled device like a laptop, Blu-ray player or games console – you’ll want the best of the best HDMI cable with Ethernet to get flawless quality. Look no further than a Sandstrom cable or one from the AVF cable range. With an HDMI cable, you’ll be able to engross yourself in amazing picture resolution from any HD media source. This is thanks to the two-layer shielding which offers protection from picture degradation, delivering the very best quality for your viewing pleasure.

If you don’t have an HDMI port on your sound system, but still want immersive audio while watching the big game or enjoying a cheesy musical the Sandstrom digital optical cable range provides stunning sound quality. Expect to find gold-plated connectors to ensure you get an ultra-stable connection and a variety of cable lengths to work with your set up. If the back of your Samsung, LG or Sony television (or any brand, for that matter) is starting to look a bit cluttered, it is easy to organise and tidy TV cables up with a good cable management kit. No need to hunt down the other end of a long cable, when you’ve got tabs on them with colour coded labels and plastic cable ties to keep then in place.

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