Windows 10 Gaming Features

DirectX 12

DirectX 12 unlocks the full capabilities of your PCs video hardware to deliver unparalleled graphic fidelity and improved performance. Time to advance to the next level in gaming...


Through its collection of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), DirectX 12 allows the workload to be shared between multiple cores of your processor, which results in faster and more responsive images in a higher resolution. Games will also have a reduced draw call overhead, which means less time to wait while your processor asks your graphics card to render something.

The Benefits

Higher CPU performance

Higher GPU performance

Lower latency Higher framerate

Images render more quickly, which means a smoother animation with richer detail. You'll feel more in sync with the gaming experience than ever before.

Tom Boxwell on DirectX 12

Tom Boxwell explains why graphics are about to get even more glorious for Windows PC gamers.

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Xbox App

Be part of an Xbox community where gamers play each other and share their latest clips and accomplishments across Xbox One, PC and iOS or Android devices.

See what your Xbox One friends are playing from your PC, share screenshots, start party chats and view achievements.

Play games like Forza Motorsport 6 and Killer Instinct with someone that's using a different device to you.

Select PC games from your Xbox Live account or access Game Hubs to keep on top of your favourite titles.

Record, narrate, edit and share your highlights with built-in Game DVR.

Tom Boxwell talks about the main features of the Xbox App.

Windows 10 Streaming

Use the app to smoothly stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 device, whichever room you're in at home. You can stretch out as far as your Wi-Fi connection will take you.

Play anywhere titles

Buy games for one platform and play them either on your console or Windows 10 PC. Pick up where you left off, complete with all your saved data, achievements and add-ons.

Windows 10 + Xbox One

Two giants join forces. Tom Boxwell explains why it's the ultimate in PC gaming.