Gaming PC Selector

Hopefully you've discovered what makes for a good gaming PC and how Windows 10 makes the experience even better. But which is the right PC for you? That depends on what kind of gamer you are. Pick the description below that best fits you and then browse a few of our recommendations.

Essential Gamer

Everyone has to start somewhere. You play a bit but you mostly use your PC for other activities such as surfing the net and streaming content. Perhaps you are considering buying your first "serious" gaming PC but you don't want to dive straight in with the really high-spec stuff. You might own a console already and be looking for the best of both worlds. Games such as League of Legends or Overwatch are top of your list. It doesn't have to the greatest graphics output in the world, but you still want a better, smoother and cleaner experience.

Enthusiast Gamer

Chances are, you've been playing more spec heavy games such as Battlefield 4, Grand Theft Auto or Bioshock. Or you're hoping to. Either way, it's time to try a more 'premium' gaming experience. Performance and graphics are both important so you'll need a PC that's strong across the board. Given that basic specs for many games are always on the rise, you would like to 'future-proof' yourself. It may also be time to dabble in Virtual Reality gaming. Why not...

Elite Gamer

You're in the top division. It's all about having the best and being the best. Elite gaming PCs will have superior graphics cards with the maximum amount of VRAM, 12-16GB of PC RAM and super-fast, multi-core processors. Your games should be running at max resolution without compromising frame rate. You'll be playing (or are looking to play) spec-intensive games such as The Division, Doom or Fallout 4. And you want virtual reality to be your everyday reality before everybody else.