Neff hobs

Neff understand the different aims people have when cooking and design their hobs with this in mind. With a choice between gas, which offers control and flexibility in your cooking, ceramic, which is simple, stylish and easy to clean, and modern induction hobs, which benefit from the best of both, Neff hobs offer everything you could want for your cooking.

Classic gas hobs are at the heart of the Neff range. Features such as cast iron pan supports and the option of 5 burners make these the chef’s choice in the kitchen. Energy efficient, safe and easy to clean, induction hobs are the new force in cooking. These stylish cooking appliances come with a variety of available features and finishes to make cooking easy and enjoyable.

For those lacking space or needing an extra cooking area, Neff domino hobs are a versatile kitchen solution.

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Point & Twist control

Convenient, simple and inventive, the Point & Twist control is a great new way to control your Neff hob.

The control is a removable magnetic dial which is sensitive and easy to use. Ergonomically designed to twist comfortably, the Point & Twist keeps your worktop tidy and your cooking under precise control.


Enlarging a single cooking zone, the FlexInduction system offers greater cooking versatility.

Unlike other induction hobs which restrict the heat to defined zones, FlexInduction removes these restrictions by giving you a flexible cooking area.