Neff appliances

Neff kitchen appliances

Embrace your passion for cooking with Neff

Neff appliances are designed by cooks, for aspiring cooks who are passionate about food and love spending time in their kitchen. With the iconic Slide&Hide® oven door which disappears under the oven for easy access and maximum space in the kitchen and the innovative CircoTherm® technology for mutli-level cooking, Neff appliances will truly enhance your daily cooking experience.

From the brand with a reputation for passion, innovation and technical prowess, make your life easy with a Neff kitchen.

Neff Built-in ovens

Built in ovens

A range of innovative ovens with exciting features and functions which include the cleaver Neff ovens with a Slide&Hide® door and CircoTherm® technology to provide a better cooking performance every single time.

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Neff Hobs

Neff Hobs

Fitting stylishly into your kitchen, Neff hobs offer the latest in induction cooking and the very best of gas cooking, all flavoured with Neff’s signature attention to detail.

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Neff Compact appliances

Neff compact appliances

With all the features of full-size kitchen appliances, the Neff compact range delivers quality, versatility and space saving to your kitchen.

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Neff Hoods

Neff Hoods

Refined and sleek, the Neff range of cooker hoods combine powerful air purification technology with kitchen enhancing features.

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Neff Dishwashers

Neff dishwashers

Fitting smartly into your kitchen and boasting functional washing capabilities, Neff dishwashers are ideal for any size of home.

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Neff Refrigeration

Neff refridgeration

A focal point of the kitchen, Neff have a staggeringly impressive refrigeration range, from compact fridges to full-featured American-style fridge freezers.

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Neff Laundry

Neff Laundry

Packed with practical features and bolstered with cutting-edge technology, Neff’s laundry range will save you time and energy.

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Neff Current promotional offers

Neff promotions

A selection of great deals on Neff kitchen appliances.

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