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Innovative Convenience

Nespresso Expert offers a versatile level of settings with four coffee cup sizes including a new Nespresso Americano for a longer mild coffee experience and the choice between temperatures. The new machine offers a unique design with a cutting edge at-to-the wall shape inspired by the world of barista with brushed aluminium nish. Thanks to the Bluetooth® (LED) smart technology, Nespresso Expert enables you to create your own personalized coffees, smartly gives you access to an easy ordering of Nespresso capsules and a simplified machine care and assistance.

    Nespresso Expert

  • 1. Flat-to-the wall shape
  • 2. Four coffee sizes
  • 3. Hot water function
  • 4. Temperature personal settings
  • 5. Connectivity via Bluetooth
  • 6. Sliding cup support
  • 7. 1.11L water tank

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