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Extend your internet access to any room in the house with the Netgear PLP1200 Powerline Adapter Kit. Plug one of the Powerline 1200 adapters into a power socket by your router and connect it with one of the supplied Ethernet cables.  Then, put... Find out more

We’ve all been in the unfortunate situation in which a traditional Wi-Fi Internet connection is either unsuitable or just isn’t very effective. It might be down to the structure of the building, security concerns, or the limitation of the local network, or perhaps you have a perfectly functioning wired Ethernet network, but need to expand it without running a new cable or investing in expensive infrastructure. Netgear Powerline network extender kits come to the rescue in all of these cases.

Netgear Powerline adapter kits allow you to create a new Ethernet network or expand an existing wired or Wi-Fi network by channelling data safely through your building’s existing mains wiring. They then converts the data back to a standard Ethernet or Wi-Fi signal at the other end, eliminating Wi-Fi black spots and extending your Ethernet network anywhere in your home or office without requiring an infrastructure investment. Our Netgear Powerline adapters models run at speeds of up to 1200 Mbps and extend broadband connection to anywhere in the building.

If you’re looking for more options, take a look at our full range of powerlines and Wi-Fi range extenders to boost your Internet speed.

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