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A network adapter helps your device hook up to a network. Originally associated with PC adapter cards that allowed PCs to connect via Ethernet, nowadays there are more network adapter types out there. Our range includes USB network adapters, Network Interface Cards (NICs) and wireless adapters that allow devices to connect to WiFi if they don’t already have the capability to do so.

A network adapter enables wireless or wired capabilities on a device that didn't previously support it. Network adapters allow data to be transmitted and received on both a wired and a wireless network. Wireless adapters tend to come in two types. One has an obvious antenna attached to it to maximise its potential for reaching a wireless network, others have the antenna hidden within the device.

One type of network adapter connects to your device via USB. USB adapters are useful where your computer or device doesn’t have an existing wireless network card but does have a spare USB port. Also known as a WiFi dongle, all you need to do is plug your adapter into a USB port and you can get online. This is much simpler than having to open up your PC or device and install a network card.

Our network adapter selection includes a range of adapter types from leading computing brands, including TP-Link, Asus, Devolo, LinkSys and BT. If you’re using an older laptop or PC, a USB wireless adapter provides an easy and instant way to upgrade your wireless connection so you can make the most of the faster speeds on offer from the latest WiFi routers. Wireless network adapters are compatible with a range of routers, including N300, N600, and AC 1200 routers, as well as dual-band wireless routers. Some have built-in aerials that aid signal strength and all are ultra-portable so you can carry them anywhere to connect any time.

View our network routers for a reliable way to connect multiple devices to WiFi, and view our network switches to easily expand your wired network at home or in the office.

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