Nikon Compact Cameras

Flexible yet simple. Beautiful yet brainy. Stylish yet sturdy. The COOLPIX range has something for everyone. Whether you want to capture the great outdoors, snap family moments, experiment with movies, or unleash your creativity with our manual features, you'll find a COOLPIX camera to suit. Every shot you take is a precious moment captured. With Nikon COOLPIX cameras you can capture that moment and its joy forever.

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Point and shoot cameras

DSLRs for beginners

Great all-rounders, these COOLPIX cameras are perfect for on-the-go families looking for an everyday camera that will help document life's memorable moments. The colourful and compact cameras in this COOLPIX range feature simple, easy-to-use interfaces and versatile zoom ranges, ideal for those who want "just the basics" and anyone starting out with their first camera.

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Bridge cameras

DSLRs for being creative

With Nikon’s range of COOLPIX cameras, there’s a camera for everyone. Unleash your creativity with Nikon’s bridge cameras that are perfect for memories captured in an instant yet cherished for a lifetime. State-of-the-art technology, superb optics and impeccable style come together to make these cameras.

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Advanced compact cameras

DSLRs for the enthusiast

Complement your look with a wide variety of colours and styles, and capture high quality photos and videos from up close or very far away with a Nikon COOLPIX camera. Designed with ergonomics in mind and incorporating features proven to be favourites that are great for capturing everything from family vacations to everyday moments.

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