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OMRON HBF-306-E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor
Keep track of your health with the quick and easy to operate Omron HBF-306-E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor.Simply hold the unit and receive measurements within seven seconds, tracking your body fat percentage and BMI.The unit is battery operated (not... Find out more
OMRON M3 HEM-7131-E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Top features: - Intellisense technology ensures ideal cuff inflation - Irregular heartbeat detection - Memory settings store a large amount of data IntellisenseAccuracy is of the utmost importance when recording your blood pressure, which is... Find out more
OMRON MicroAIR U22 NE-U22-E Nebuliser
Top features:- Portable nebuliser ideal for travelling- Wide medication compliance and simple control- Silent operation doesn't disturb others around youPortable nebuliserThe Omron MicroAIR U22 NE-U22-E Nebuliser is portable, easily fitting in... Find out more
OMRON MC-520-E Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer
Keep track of your child's temperature with the Omron MC-520-E Gentle Temp ear thermometer. Easy to use and accurate, this thermometer reads temperatures in next to no time. It tracks up to nine readings so that you can monitor changes over a... Find out more
OMRON MC-720-E Gentle Temp 720 Contactless Thermometer
Top features: - Simple contactless measurements are ideal for checking on children - Three temperature readings for a complete picture - Backlit display makes it easy to see results at night Simple contactless measurementsTake fast, simple and... Find out more
OMRON MC-510-E2 Gentle Temp 510 Ear Thermometer
Take fast temperature readings with the Omron MC-510-E2 Gentle Temp 510 Ear Thermometer.The unit is compact and can be comfortably held in one hand, while the probe covers fit inside your ear. It's so easy to use the Gentle Temp 510 with its... Find out more

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