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Get smart and enjoy peace of mind with a Panasonic Smart Home kit.

Smart technology is transforming the way we live our lives and granting us a degree of oversight that previously only came at great expense, and not without considerable labour. Our collection of ingenious Panasonic smart home kits utilise the latest technology to deliver remarkable smart home monitoring, straight out of the box.

All you need to get you smart home up and running is included in a Panasonic home network system like the brilliant KX-HN6012EW Smart Home Monitoring and Control Kit. If you're looking for an all-in-one smart setup that will keep your home safe and secure this comprehensive package will instantly modernise your property, connecting it with your smartphone and offering a level of protection that simply wasn't an option until the advent of smart technology in recent years.

Based around a Smart Hub that forms the heart of your Panasonic Smart Home system by wirelessly connecting to all your Smart Home devices, this Panasonic Smart Home kit comes equipped with a Smart Plug, which works as an adapter between your appliance and plug socket, giving you complete control via your smartphone wherever you are, window and door sensors and an indoor camera.

This advanced smart home setup uses standard DECT wireless for a safer alternative to WiFi, adding another level of up-to-the-minute security that should repel even tech-savvy criminals. DECT offers a stable, interference free range that's invisible to regular consumer products.

Our Panasonic smart home equipment range includes a variety of individual components, should you wish to purchase them separately, and several differently configured home safety kits.

Our growing collection of smart technology solutions also includes smart lighting, courtesy of Hive, Nanoleaf and Philips, and a selection of smart thermostats that will transform the way you heat your home.

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