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Processors act like the brain of your computer, so it’s important to get one that gives you the power you need. If feel like your computer is slowing down, or you’re building a gaming PC from scratch, the right processor can make a huge amount of difference to your overall performance.

The main consideration is between AMD and Intel®. The Intel® Core Series of Processors tend to draw less heat (for better power consumption) and have higher clock speeds, which can amount to slightly better performance overall. Intel® processors are also more commonly compatible with motherboards, so it’s easy to complete your PC.

AMD’s Ryzen range generally have much larger caches, and more cores than comparable Intel models – perfect for multitasking. Ryzen processors include impressive Vega graphics as well, which is a big plus if you want decent graphics without needing a dedicated graphics card. Ryzen processors are also a little sturdier – so you don’t have to worry as much during install.

Want to overclock and boost your performance? Look out for “unlocked” processors, if you have the cooling in place you’ll be able to achieve incredible clock speeds.

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