Telephone accessories

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LOGIK LADSLF15 ADSL Broadband Filter
Share your broadband and telephone connections through a single wall socket with the Logik LADSLF15 ADSL Broadband Filter.The filter helps to reduce interference, fits any standard UK phone jack and has a 10 cm connecting cable. Find out more
LOGIK LTEX1515 6P4C Male to 6P4C Female Cable - 15 m
Replace or extend your telephone connection with the LTEX1515 6P4C Male to 6P4C Female Cable.Featuring 6P4C male and female connectors, you can use the fifteen metre long cable to position your telephone further from the wall socket. Find out more
LOGIK LUFEX1015 Modem Extension Kit
Extend your phone and modem connection options with the Logik LUFEX1015 Modem Extension Kit.The kit includes a dual socket adaptor for phones and modems, a phone to modem adaptor and self-adhesive cable management pads.A flat 10 m cable makes it... Find out more
LOGIK LUFEX1515 Modem Extension Kit
The Logik LUFEX1515 Modem Extension Kit lets you maximise your connectivity and connect your modem and telephone cables using only one telephone socket. The kit includes a dual socket adapter for phones and modems, a phone to modem adapter and... Find out more
LOGIK LTD0B15 Telephone Socket Adapter
Turn your telephone socket into a dual outlet with the Logik LTD0B15 Telephone Socket Adapter.Suitable for use with both telephone and modem connections, it converts a single telephone socket to allow you to connect two devices simultaneously. Find out more

From ADSL filters to extension cables and doublers, our expansive range of telephone accessories includes everything you need to customise your home or office telephone setup.

In addition to a broad choice of home telephones, fax machines and other telecommunication equipment our range includes telephone accessories that will allow you to improve connectivity around your home, ensuring your day-to-day telephone and internet use is matched by a perfectly tailored setup. We have a huge choice of Logik telephone accessories including highly affordable modem extension cables that will help to ensure that everyone in your home or work is connected.

The Logik LUFEX1011 Ultra Flat Extension Cable Kit is another invaluable telephone accessory that gives you the flexibility to arrange your telephones and computer equipment however you like, wherever your phone socket is situated. And if you don’t like the idea of unsightly cables littering the floor, fear not – the Logik extension cable kit comes with handy self adhesive tape that will enable you to keep cables perfectly discreet.

All our telephone accessories are easy to install and competitively priced, meaning you can customise your home or office setup cheaply and easily.

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