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There’s little in life more annoying – scary, even – than not being able to use your phone. Maybe it’s run out of juice at precisely the wrong moment. Or perhaps you don’t have the cable you need to hook it up to your laptop, car or charger pack. Whatever your recurring nightmare, make sure you’ve got the mobile accessories to keep you connected you the big, wide world.

For iphone users we’ve got a range of Apple mobile accessories to make sure your phone’s there for you when you need it. Headphone jack? Check. Lightning dock mobile phone battery charger? Check. Car chargers? You betcha. If you’ve ever thought ‘I could really do with one of those thingiemajigs right now’ then you’d better believe, we’re packing.

And it’s not just Apple users whose mobiles need an entourage. Whether you’re a Samsung, Nokia or Huawei devotee we’ve got mobile phone cables to fit your phone and keep you connected. Or, check out one of our wireless charger pads. These clever little creatures are cool and clean, freeing you from the clutter of having one too many wires snaking their way up your bedside table.

If it’s getting caught short with your battery on low that scares you, check out the stylish range of Belkin power bank chargers. These nifty little power banks are perfect for recharging on the go. And with models designed to charge up to three devices at once, why not share some of that juice with a pal? Or, keep it to yourself and charge your tablet, phone and portable speaker all at once. We’re not here to judge.

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