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Prestige pressure cookers are versatile kitchen tools. Providing a safe, fast and healthy way of preparing a wide variety of foods on the hob, they cook ingredients in just a third of the time. Make a stew or casserole, braise meat or prepare delicious stock in under an hour, and a risotto can be on the table in half the usual time.

Pressure cookers work by building up steam inside the pot behind an airtight safety seal. This pressure cooks ingredients in one third of the standard cooking time, saving on both time and energy. And speed isn't the only advantage of pressure cookers - with their airtight seal, they also preserve nutrients and vitamins, as well as flavour. By cooking on the hob in half the time, they're also a really economical way to cook every day, saving you money on energy bills.

Prestige is a brand firmly rooted in the origins of pressure cooking and has been developing the product for decades. Today's pressure cookers have been updated and are safe and simple to use, with more options that ever in terms of size and finish. Prestige pressure cookers are available in stainless steel, aluminium, hard anodised bodies - and there's now a microwaveable pressure cooker option, in an array of colours.

Choose from sizes to suit your and your household, from 2.2L up to 5L and 6L cookers. Prestige High Dome pressure cookers give you even more capacity, perfect for cooking whole chicken, duck, or larger joints of meat. Manufactured from high quality materials, these pressure cookers are robust and long-lasting. A mechanical locking device securely fastens the body of the cooker to the lid for reliable pressure cooking, a range of pressure settings means you can adjust the cooker to suit whatever you're making, and a visual pressure gauge lets you see when the optimal pressure has been reached.

For more help in the kitchen, take a look at out full Prestige pressure cooker range, as well as its selection of pots and pans and baking trays.

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