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Looking to learn a new instrument? We’ve got a great range of musical instruments for sale here at Currys. Whether you’re looking for a keyboard or guitar, microphone and PA system, or general music tech we’ve got everything you need here. Our range of music tech guitars includes both acoustic and electric guitars, complete with gig bags, amplifiers , straps and leads. We’ve got guitars from leading brands including Fender, Yamaha, Martin Smith and more. And if you’re looking to spark your child’s creativity, we have musical instruments for kids too. Want to start a band? Drums are an essential, and we’ve got plenty of drum kits to choose from. Our electric drum kits let you plug your headphones in and practice at all hours, or you can choose a traditional drum kit and go for a classic 5-piece layout. Pick up your sticks and rock out! We also have a wide range of digital pianos to help you level up your music theory and practical skills. Many of our pianos come with a stool, keyboard stand and headphones, giving you everything you need to get started. Or maybe strings are your thing. Our electric violins feature a 3.5mm audio output, so you can plug in headphones or link your violin directly to one of our fantastic speakers.

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