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If you’re browsing TVs you’ve probably come across two strikingly similar acronyms – OLED and QLED. Their apparent similarity isn’t entirely superficial, both OLED and QLED are TV panel technologies that promise to dramatically enhance picture quality. Both technologies boost the vibrancy, brightness and depth of colours. While OLED achieves this with self-emitting bulbs, as opposed to backlighting, QLED utilises quantum dots instead of the liquid crystals used by LCD displays.

OLED is employed by leading manufacturers including Sony, LG and Panasonic, while QLED is favoured by Samsung, who pioneered the technology. Consequently, the vast majority of our QLED TVs are manufactured by Samsung, who claim that it delivers the brightest colours on the market. In truth it’s hard to separate QLED and OLED – whichever you opt for you’ll be getting stunningly rich and immersive picture quality.

The Currys QLED TV collection covers a broad spectrum of sets to suit most budgets. You’ll find compact, cost effective models (starting at 32 inch) and vast, wall-spanning 75 inch QLED TVs featuring cutting-edge Quantum HDR and next generation 8K resolution. Look out too for smart connectivity that allows you access a wealth of streaming content and sync your TV with devices like Alexa and Google Assistant. And, because vibrant visuals should be accompanied by stunning sound, our QLED TVs are equipped with cinematic 3D sound that puts you in the heart of the action.

Most of our QLED TVs are manufactured by Samsung – look out for model names beginning with Q – but you’ll also find QLED models from Hisense in the Currys TV collection.

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