Safety of refrigeration products


There has been much publicity in the news regarding the safety of refrigeration products in our homes. The issue is regarding the backing material used and if it offers enough protection from fire. As a responsible retailer, we wanted to give you some details to what we are doing to ensure our products are safe and comply to the current safety standards.

Backing material

We should remember that fires are very rare despite there being approximately 43 million fridges in use in the UK. The safety of a product is a result of many factors, not just the backing material and whether either plastic or metal back.

Fridge freezer backing materials can either feed the spread of a fire or contain it depending on their composition and installation. Please be reassured all refrigeration appliances comply with current safety standards, regardless of the backing material used.

As safety standards change, the industry is moving away from plastic back appliances. It is important to understand that overall fire resistance is not simply based on the materials used, nor is metal necessarily more fire resistant than certain man-made polymers. It is the overall design and construction of the product which makes it safe.


All products we sell conform to current safety standards. Dixons Carphone are committed to remain abreast of any changes to standards and legislations. In order however to provide simple reassurance to our customers we are in the process of removing plastic backed fridges from our range choice over the coming months.

When you choose your new fridge, if you wish to understand the backing material detail you can find the information on by either checking the product specification folder in the product description or you can use the feature filter saying ‘rear backing panel’ when you select fridge or fridge freezers from within Kitchen appliances. In store you will see a flame retardant sticker displayed on all products with a metal back panel.

Dixons Carphone exclusive own brand range of models will be in compliance with IEC 60335-2-24:2010+AMD1:2012+AMD2:2017 standards for it’s complete 2018 range. We have taken the decision to go above and beyond the requirements. Our new 2018 range will either have Full Metal backing (Sheet Steel – Fire Retardant/Proof) or Upper Side Metal back wall and Bottom Side (Compressor Zone) with Aluminum (Fire Retardant/Proof). All our products are tested to ensure they meet the rigorous internally agreed safety standards.

Further information

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