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Sage Smart Ovens
Smart Ovens

Precise cooking made easy with our Element IQ system delivering golden fries, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, grilled miso salmon to tender slow-cooked lamb.

Element IQ
Element iQ

Independent heating element for precise temperature control; adjustable shelf for a variety of food; convection for faster, even cooking; smart sensors to maintain optimum temperature; one-touch presets to master the full range of cooking tasks.

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Sage Multicookers

Cook Fast or Cook Slow. Enjoy flavoursome, homecooked meals with Sage's range of pressure cookers, rice cookers and slow cookers.

Sage Food Processors
Food Processors

Cut, chop, peel, and dice like a professional with a Sage food processor. Consistent size is the key to superb presentation, even cooking and great taste.

Grills & Fryers

Bring the outdoors inside