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Ceramic Hobs

Samsung’s ceramic hobs cook all of your dishes thoroughly with a spacious cooking area.

Which Samsung Ceramic Hob is right for you?

Don’t worry about messy spills

Easy to clean

Hard-wearing, scratch resistant and antibacterial. This makes the oven able to cope with daily use, making it easier to clean and provides a hygienic interior with cooking.

easy clean

Effortlessly control your cooking

Sliding Control

Enjoy effortless control of your cooking using the Sliding Control panel. Simply touch and glide your finger across the panel to instantly and precisely set or adjust the cooking temperature.

easy clean

Cook dishes thoroughly and evenly

Ceramic Glass

Experience the ultimate in responsive cooking. The ceramic glass surface features four high tech cooking zones that heat up quickly and radiate heat, so dishes are cooked thoroughly and evenly.

Heat Indicators

Know when the cooking surface is safe to touch

Residual Heat Indicators

You’ll never need to worry about whether the hob’s cooking surface is still hot. After you turn it off, an ‘H’ shape afterheat indicator clearly shows you whether it’s safe to touch or not.