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Compact Ovens

Samsung Compact Ovens are small in size but big on results. A great choice for a busy home.

Which Samsung Compact Oven is right for you?

dual cook

Imagine two ovens in one

Dual Cook Technology

Now you can cook two dishes at once in a single oven, using different temperatures and time settings for each, thanks to Samsung’s Dual Cook™ technology. Cook small dishes in either the upper or lower cavities without having to heat the entire oven. When using half of the oven, with the shelf inserted, the Dual Cook™ consumes 25% less energy than a conventional oven.

dual cooker
dual cooker
dual cooker

Easy to clean

Ceramic Enamel Interior

Hard-wearing, scratch resistant and antibacterial. This makes the oven able to cope with daily use, is easier to clean and provides a hygienic interior with cooking.

dual cooker

Quick and easy cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Just drop a small amount of water inside the oven to create hot steam that loosens grease and food residue. All you need to do is wipe it off.

*Only available on selected models.
dual cooker

Integrated Self-cleaning

Catalytic Cleaning

With catalytic cleaning, the food remnant tray collects grease and residue and chemically dissolves them, so your oven is always clean.

*Only available on selected models.