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Induction Hob

Save energy with Induction. Safer, quicker and more efficient than conventional hobs.


Save energy with Induction

Energy Saving

Even if you're not in a hurry, you can still appreciate how fast and easy Samsung’s Induction cooktop brings water and liquids to the boil. Because surfaces on Induction hobs don't heat up gradually, you can achieve any temperature you wish right away.

intensive cooking

Avoid painful and messy accidents

Quick Stop

With the Quick Stop hob function you can simply touch your finger to the control and instantly turn off the burners to prevent pots from boiling over or pans from burning.


Effortlessly control your cooking

Sliding Control

Enjoy effortless control of your cooking using the Sliding Control panel. Simply touch and glide your finger across the panel to instantly and precisely set or adjust the cooking temperature.


Don’t worry about messy spills

Easy to clean

There’s no need to worry about messy spills and splatters. Even after the greasiest cooking, the ceramic glass surface will quickly wipe clean.


Don’t worry about pans boiling over

Keep Warm Function

With Samsung’s unique Keep Warm function you never have to worry about pans boiling over. It provides a convenient way to keep food warm, as it brings the temperature up and then just simmers along, so it’s ideal for making stocks, stews or curries.


Maintains a neutral temperature

Safe Operation

To avoid the risk of accidental burns the surface of the hob maintains a neutral temperature and only gets hot when it makes contact with stainless steel or other induction-compatible cookware.