Samsung integrated dishwashers

Samsung integrated dishwasher

DW-BG582B Integrated Dishwasher

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Samsung DW-BG582B Integrated Dishwasher

Reduced energy consumption

Energy Efficiency

Samsung dishwashers ensures high A+ energy efficiency, meaning energy consumption is reduced without compromising the excellent cleaning performance.


Flexible design

Full Flex Tine

NThe full flex tine system creates the space when you need it. Its adjustable fold down tines in 3 steps provide more flexibility as various forms of dishes and bowls can be loaded in, and is suitable for various bowls.

 Angled Racking System

Performance drying

Angled Racking System

Rack allows dishes to rest at an angle, so water runs off and drying becomes more efficient.

Outstandingly quiet

Outstandingly quiet

Low Noise

Every element, including their advanced motor technology and rack design, has been carefully developed to reduce noise and increase sound insulation.

dual cooker

Flex Half Wash

Flex Half Wash

Provides half-load wash option either on the upper or lower rack, saving you energy and water.