The Frame TV from Samsung

Introducing The Frame.
A TV made for your home.

Imagine a TV that can display art masterpieces or your favourite photographs.
The Frame lets you elegantly transform your living space while keeping you entertained.

Art when it is off. TV when it's off. Art when it is off. TV when it's off.

Art mode

Complements your mood

Turn on The Frame and enjoy a spectacular big-screen 4K UHD TV in TV Mode. Turn it off to activate Art Mode, displaying art pieces or your choice of photos. It’s inspiring and personalised in both Modes.

Brightness Sensor

Beautiful picture quality, all day

As the ambient light changes in your room, The Frame optimises colour and brightness to give you the best possible picture quality and an arty, realistic feel in your home.

Samsung collection

A bespoke curated art collection

Enjoy 100 different pieces from 37 acclaimed artists in the Samsung Collection. Included with The Frame, it’s been professionally curated to match your taste and enhance your interior décor.

The Frame Design

Accent your space with the perfect frame

You can change the bezel on The Frame to balance and blend with the look of your room. Attach it easily with a magnetic design.

*Each customizable frame is sold separately

4K UHD Resolution

4K UHD treat you to sumptuous detail

Experience breathtaking 4K UHD picture quality with The Frame. It delivers stunning levels of detail and is fully-featured for premium viewing.

The Frame Specifications


123.5 x 70.8cm


3,840 x 2,160


4K UHD Resolution, HDR, Active Crystal Color, UHD Up-Scaling, MR240 (120Hz)


Art Mode, Samsung Collection, Art Store, My Collection, Brightness Sensor, Motion Sensor


One Remote Control, Smart Hub, Smart View


Wireless Lan built in, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB


40W / 2.2CH


Basic stand, No-gap wall mount, One Connect, Near-invisible cable (5 m)


Customisable Frame Bezel

Choose the frame, stand and cabling that suit the way you want The Frame to match your living space.

*Each customizable frame is sold separately


Stand and Cabling

Samsung Studio Stand

  • Classic easel design
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Integrated cable management

Near-invisible cable (15 M)

  • Slim 1.8mm (0.07in) diameter
  • 15 m (49.2ft) long fibre cable
  • Supports 4K 2160p60 video with 75Gbps transmission speed

*Each sold seperately