SAMSUNG Freestanding tumble dryers

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Samsung tumble dryers come in a range of colours and designs to fit the aesthetic of your home. Utilising advanced heat pump technology to dry your clothes efficiently with hot air that absorbs moisture, the range is able to achieve speedy drying without hogging too much energy. With an energy rating of A++, you can be sure that you’re using an efficient machine and saving money when you install a Samsung tumble dryer.

Using a lower temperature than conventional dryers Samsung tumble dryers offer better protection for your clothes, which leaves them looking newer for longer. They also use sensors to adjust drying time, automatically protecting your clothes from damage. With the ability to quick dry small loads of up to 1kg in just 35 minutes you won't have to wait long for that last-minute outfit to be ready to wear. Added AirWash technology allows you to deodorise and refresh clothes so they smell fresh and ready to wear.

The Samsung Smart Home app allows you to diagnose faults with your Samsung tumble dryer in a matter of seconds. As well as being able to control the machine, you can check and monitor laundry cycles wherever you are, giving you the freedom to fit your laundry around your lifestyle. You can pause loads and set when you want them to continue.

These dryers use a Digital Invertor Monitor which delivers reliable performance and causes less noise and vibration as opposed to noisier dryers. With the 2-in-1 filter system, you can always be on top of machine maintenance as there are two alarms to alert you when the filter and heat exchanger need cleaning.

You can also view White Knight tumble dryers which offer machines for both large and compact homes. The White Knight Spin Dryer has a capacity of 4kg but is a real space-saver at only 64cm high and 35cm wide. It removes excess water from your clothes to allow for a shorter time on the line or in the tumble dryer, saving the environment and your money.

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