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Enrich your sound experience by bringing an incredible cinematic experience into your home. Samsung audio provides the best sound* and takes your TV sound to the next level from the most awarded Soundbar brand in 2019* . True Dolby Atmos and dts:X never sounded so good. Featuring Samsung Q-Symphony taking selected QLED TV sound to new heights.

* Based on Cision Analysis of product reviews in 2019

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The sound of a symphony orchestra, this Q-Series soundbar can harmoniously collaborate in synergy with Samsung QLED TVs* to enhance your audio visual experience by playing sound simultaneously from your Samsung QLED TV & Soundbar.

Q Symphony

Hear the precise location of a helicopter landing or feel the sound of rain falling from above. Samsung Soundbar’s true Dolby Atmos and dts:X is our award winning, market leading technology taking your audio visual experience to a breath-taking new level of realism.

3D sound

Easily control your smart soundbar and other compatible devices using Amazon Alexa voice control which is integrated into most of the soundbar range. You can play music, check weather, get questions answered completely hands-free. So sit back on the sofa and let Alexa skip the track or crank up the volume.

Alexa built in
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Q800T soundbar

Delivering an accomplished all-round performance that undeniably enhances TV shows, movies, music and gaming.

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  Q950R Q900R Q800T Q70T Q60T S60T S61T S40T T550 T450 T400
No. of channels
True 9.1.4ch with subwoofer
and rear speakers
True 7.1.2ch with subwoofer 3.1.2ch with upfiring speakers 3.1.2ch with upfiring speakers 5.1ch 4.0ch 2.0ch 2.1ch 2.1ch 2.0ch
3D Object Based
Sound (TRUE Dolby
Atmos and dts:X)
3D Object Based Sound (Dolby
Atmos and dts:X)
3D Object Based Sound (Dolby
Atmos and dts:X)
True Dolby Atmos & dts:X True Dolby Atmos & dts:X Virtual DTS:X - - Virtual DTS:X - -
Samsung Q
Yes Yes Yes Yes - - - - -
Samsung Acoustic
Beam 2.0
Yes Yes Yes Acoustic Beam Side horn - - - -
Built-in voice
Alexa built-in
Alexa built-in Alexa built-in Works with Alexa - Alexa built-in - - - -
Adaptive sound Yes Yes Adaptive Adaptive Adaptive Adaptive Smart Smart Smart -
Special Mode Game Mode Pro Game Mode Pro Game Mode Pro Game Mode Pro Game Mode Pro Music Mode Music Mode Game Mode Game Mode -
TV Connection Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Bluetooth Multi-connect Wi-Fi / Bluetooth Bluetooth Multi-connect Bluetooth Multi-connect Bluetooth Bluetooth
One Remote Control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wall mount kit included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes -
Sub Woofer Included Wireless 8" Sub Wireless 8" Sub Wireless 8" Sub Wireless 6.5" Sub Wireless 6.5" Sub Optional - Wireless 6.5" Sub Wireless Sub -
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Our FAQs are here to help.

What is Q-Symphony Sound?

This feature is exclusive to Samsung! This technology is included across the entire range of Samsung’s 2020 Q-Series soundbars, when combined with QLED TV models (above Q80T). It works by playing sound through the TV and Soundbar simultaneously, using the TV top speakers giving you a real feel of height. It takes Samsung TV & Soundbar package to new audio heights creating Samsung’s most immersive surround sound experience to date.

What is the difference between True Dolby Atmos and Virtual Dolby Atmos?

To achieve true Dolby Atmos you need upfiring speakers. You can tell if a product has up firing speakers due to the number of channels. The first number tells you how many horizontal sounds will be driving your experience, the second is the number is the sub woofer drivers and the third is the upfiring element i.e 7.1.2ch means 7 horizontal sound drivers, 1 sub woofer and 2 upfiring speakers. To get a true Dolby Atmos experience you need upfiring speakers, virtual Dolby Atmos is achieved by sound processing of the horizontal speakers but it will struggle to deliver the same level of 3D surround sound you get from upfiring speakers.

What is Adaptive Sound?

Adaptive sound has 2 key benefits. It not only optimises your sound scene by scene but also enhances voice clarity. If you were listening to a movie at low volumes, you would not miss a word in those tender moments and when the scene becomes more action packed, you will feel the action closing in around you.

How does Game Mode improve my gaming experience?

Our Q- Series soundbars have a dedicated setting that optimises sound specifically for gaming. You can even hear a player trying to overtake you from behind you so you can block them off and claim more victories. You will be missing out without this soundbar as your secret weapon without the need for a headset or time

How does acoustic Beam Technology improve sound quality?

Samsung’s acoustic beam helps to produce precise and clear sound with 56 holes acting as individual speakers. This also helps to produce a wider soundstage so if you are playing on your own or with friends, the sound will be sure to steer and move around you.

Can I control my Soundbar with my voice?

Some of our soundbars have Alexa built in. This means you don’t need an extra device but can use the soundbar to do more than just listen to music or provide you with room filling 3D sound. Use this as a control such as turning up the volume or even ask Alexa what the weather is.

Can I get the best matching Soundbar for my TV?

This year Samsung have really focused on the design of our soundbars. Our Q-Series technology has been developed to make them slimmer and much more compact to fit perfectly under your Samsung QLED TV. Our S series soundbars are new this year! They have been wrapped with a premium weaved textile from Kvadrat which has been specifically designed for audio products. This makes it sound as beautiful as it looks and match perfectly to your home as well as Samsung The Frame TVs.

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