Sandstrøm AV Cables

Sandstrøm believe you should get the very best out of your home entertainment products. That’s why we’ve researched and developed a wide range of high quality AV cables. Choose from our Black, Silver or Gold Series for cables that are tough, long lasting and technology rich.

Audio Visual cables carry sound and picture

Audio cables carry sound only

Visual cables carry images only

How to use this guide

Navigate this site according to what you need your cable to do. If you need your cable to transfer both picture and sound, use the Audio Visual tab at the top of this page. To connect devices for sound or image only, see the relevant audio or visual tabs above. Each page will recommend a cable to connect devices together, so you can find out how to link your TV, DVD, camcorder, games consoles or other devices.


Removing the need for separate audio and video wires, the new range of Sandstrøm AV HDMI cables feature the latest technology and blisteringly fast data transfer speeds.

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Audio Visual

Audio Visual cables carry picture and sound between devices. HDMI cables enable the highest quality picture and sound from your TV.

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Audio cables carry sound between devices, ranging from the simple 3.5 mm jack to connect to headphone sockets, to digital optical cables to hook up to home cinema systems.

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Visual cables carry picture between devices. RCA cables connect TVs with laptops and PCs, whilst digital optical cables connect your TV with DVD players and games consoles.

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