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Your personal cloud

Get some space and personalise your home storage with the Seagate Personal Cloud. Seagate Personal Cloud makes it easy to keep everything in one place. Share, stream and store your music, favourite films and a lifetime’s worth of photos. Using the same security technology as online banking, all your important documents are stored safely in your own personal cloud.

  • Stream music and movies to your mobile device or laptop
  • Sync with online Cloud services, like Dropbox or Google Drive to share files easily
  • Share files effortlessly between PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones across your home network
  • Personalise settings and share storage with different users, or keep it for your eyes only

Access from all devices

Wherever you are, your files are always at your fingertips. Remotely access content from any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and share with other users.

Grab your laptop and go - with Seagate Personal Cloud you’ve got instant, easy access to all your documents. All you need is an internet connection.

For lazy days at home, stream media files directly to your big screen TV and watch movies with friends and family. With Personal Cloud, you are totally connected.

The Seagate Media App also lets you stream content with a Samsung or LG Smart TV, Chromecast or a Roku player, so you can enjoy your stored files anywhere.

Compatible with iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle Fire, Windows 8 tablets and Smartphones, you can personalise your cloud and decide who gets access.

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Easy backup & access on the go

Enjoy access to your media and files on the go - unlike cloud storage providers, there are no monthly fees, all you need is an internet connection. Use the free Seagate Media App or a free Seagate Access account to make connecting to your content easy.

Seagate Personal Cloud centralises all of your stuff so you can securely access it in one place whenever and wherever you want.