Steam Pocket® Technology

The latest innovation in steam mop technology

shark steam mop

Introducing Shark® Steam Pocket® Technology

Still getting less than satisfactory results with your old mop and bucket?

Have to re-clean floors after using your old steam mop?

Shark® have created Shark® Steam Pocket® technology for the ultimate way to clean your floors.

Patented Shark® Steam Pocket® ® technology will transform your floor cleaning as it combines luxurious microfibre with Shark® SSuperheated steam. You’ll be able to control the amount of steam you need to tackle different floor surfaces or spills, enabling you to clean faster than ever before. Shark® products cement their position as a world leader in steam cleaning thanks to brilliant design and peerless build quality.

What makes Shark® Steam Pocket® Technology better?

To get slightly technical, we need to explain why Shark® Steam Pocket® Technology offers an unmatched floor cleaning solution that’s safe, effective and cost-effective. Thanks to its inventive design, you’ll enjoy a larger, double-sided cleaning area, heated to the optimum temperature, which can be flipped around to save time and give you more options.

Shark® Steam Pocket® products are able to “breathe”, eradicating the inferior traditional top plate design featured on other steam mops.

“Breathing” simply means the mop head doesn’t get saturated. In just a few minutes the pads on those other steam cleaners you may have used quickly become sopping wet. This is what leaves those annoying streaky damp patches on your floor. Think about breathing onto a mirror and how much condensation forms just from the heat of your breath This is basically what happens on a more extreme level with a top plate.

This unique property prevents the mop head from becoming saturated. On older or comparable steam cleaners, the pads become wet through in a matter of minutes, leaving unsightly damp streaks and patches all over your floor. To visualise how Shark® products “breathe”, think about exhaling onto a mirror and the amount of condensation that forms from the heat of your breath alone. Steam mops that use a top plate essentially reflect this process on a more intense level, resulting in unsatisfactory performance.

Why Steam?

The first benefit of steam cleaning is financial. Because Shark® Steam products use water alone to get the job done, they spare you from spending your money on detergents, carpet fresheners and wood floor cleaners. All of these incorporate harsh chemicals and the cost adds up. Since Shark® steam cleaners only use pure water, they don’t leave any residue, eliminating smears and film on your floor and giving you a genuine sparkling finish that’s virtually dry within seconds.

Pure steam also proves it’s more effective by getting rid of up to 99.9% of common but harmful bacteria* and germs found around the home. If you have small children or pets (who spend a lot of time at ground level), Shark® steam cleaning keeps them safer too.

*In Steam mode only under controlled test conditions, results may vary.