Shark Technology


Shark technologies are engineered to save time and effort and deliver visibly great results.

DuoClean Technology is unique to Shark.
Two motorised brush rolls in the floor-head work together to remove large and small particles whilst picking up stubborn, stuck on dust from both Carpets and Hard Floors.

By removing the front wall and replacing it with a soft brush we made it possible for you to seamlessly clean between carpets and hard floors without stopping to switch heads.

Enjoy the freedom to reach, store and charge this vacuum almost anywhere in the home.

The Flexi-wand bends so you don’t have to. Reaching under low lying furniture and accessing usually hard to reach places with ease. Click to fold down the flexi wand halving the vacuums height. Now compact, completely free Standing and ready to be stored wherever you wish.

Removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries mean you can charge your vacuum anywhere in the home. Sharks batteries can be charged in situ on the vacuum or straight to the battery using any socket in your home.

Lift-Away sets you free.
This technology converts the vacuum from traditional upright mode to portable at the click of switch. Detaching the vacuum from the floorhead or wand means you can be clean above the floor, soft furnishings and stairs with ease, in complete comfort.

Enjoy all of the benefits of Lift-Away, like comfortable stair cleaning, easy access to above the floor and soft furnishings, with the added feature of power delivered directly to the brush roll. This power drives the brush rolls to rotate, so you can be assured of a consistent clean from room to room, carpets to hard floors. With power delivered in Lift-Away mode you can also trust Powered Lift-Away vacuums to clean in the places that you can’t see and usually reach, like under furniture.

Klip n flip doesn’t just give you amazingly clean floors, it sanitizes* and eliminates 99.9% of common household bacteria making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

The double sided microfibre pads with Dirt Grip technology can be attached and removed from the mop head without direct contact. Simply slide the head in to the tabs, click the head from side to side to secure and that’s it, you’re ready to clean with the power of steam.

When you’re done use the release button to remove the pad without coming in to contact with potentially harmful bacteria.

* Sanitisation studies were conducted under controlled test conditions. Household conditions and results may vary. Klik n’ Flip Mop Head only when used with Steam Mop. Not in Steam Blaster mode. See Owner’s Guide for instructions

For a targeted clean your Steam pocket mop switches to Steam Blaster mode. Delivering a blast of superheated, concentrated steam from the nozzle to precisely target and attack stuck on stubborn messes