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Siemens hobs bring high-tech into the kitchen. Enjoy cooking your favourite dishes even more with their latest selection of innovative gas, electric and induction kitchen hobs. Safer and sleeker than ever before, ceramic and glass-surface hobs are easy to clean and, while gas hobs give you instant, visible heat that's easy to control.

Where Siemens really impresses is with its innovative induction hobs.

With powerInduction, electromagnetism is used to generate heat only where you need it - right on the bottom of pots and pans. Instantly generating heat when you need it, and cooling in an instant as soon as you switch it off, not only is it more energy efficient way to cook, it's safer too. Adjusting the temperature of the cooking zones is quick and precise. If something boils over it can't burn onto the surrounding glass ceramic surface, as it remains cool, so you can simply wipe it away.

With freeInduction, Siemens hobs automatically detects the position, size and shape of your cookware thanks to micromodule technology. So, regardless of size and shape, you can place your pots and pans wherever you want on the induction cooktop. With the powerBoost function you can reduce heating times by boosting heat by 50% at the touch of a button.

Siemens gas hobs offer all the advantages of cooking over an open flame - instant, visible, easy-to-control heat. Using modern burners, the gas hob range features stepless adjustment that lets you get the perfect heat distribution for your cookware. The surfaces of Siemens gas hobs are either glass ceramic or stainless steel, with enamelled cast-iron pan supports for a stylish look.

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