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SIEMENS LB75564GB Canopy Cooker Hood - Silver
Top features:- Easy to clean filters which trap and remove a range of smells- Straight forward controls with three speeds and an intensive settingFor effective recirculation and extraction, the Siemens LB75564GB Canopy Cooker Hood is a good choice... Find out more
SIEMENS LE62031GB Integrated Cooker Hood - Metallic Silver
Bring style to your kitchen and remove unwanted cooking odours with the metallic silver Siemens LE62031GB Integrated Hood.You can expect great results with 3 fan speeds and a maximum extraction rate of 280 m³/hour. This fan extracts and... Find out more
SIEMENS iQ300 LC67BE532B Chimney Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel
Make your kitchen a more pleasant place to cook with striking the Siemens LC67BE532B Chimney Cooker Hood in stainless steel.In addition to its stunning minimalist looks, the Siemens LC67BE532B features three fan speeds, an intensive setting and... Find out more
SIEMENS LB23364GB Canopy Cooker Hood - Silver
With two power levels and an intensive setting, the Siemens LB23364GB Canopy Hood extracts smoke easily and gets rid of airborne grease so that you can enjoy your kitchen space to the fullest. This cooker hood is not just good for keeping the air... Find out more
SIEMENS LB55564GB Canopy Cooker Hood - Silver
Stylish and simple in design, this Siemens LB55564GB Canopy Cooker Hood will make a statement in your kitchen and deliver fast and efficient extraction when it comes to smoke, steam, odours and vapours.Superb designThis stylish and sleek canopy... Find out more
SIEMENS LE64130GB Integrated Cooker Hood - Silver
Top features:- Three power levels offer plenty of options- Built-in lighting illuminates your hobThree power levelsThis integrated hood is equipped with three power levels that will remove the smoke from your kitchen in any situation at an... Find out more
SIEMENS LC98KA570B Chimney Cooker Hood - Black
Get rid of cooking smells and odours with the Siemens LC98KA570B Chimney Cooker Hood, suitable for ducted extraction and re-circulation.Say goodbye to cooking smellsUse the LC98KA570B as an extractor cooker hood and banish cooking smells. This... Find out more
SIEMENS LC94WA521B Chimney Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel
Top features: - Traps odours with easy to clean filters - Recirculation removed grease from the air effectively Traps odours The extra wide hood efficiently traps odours and smells for whatever you family can throw at it. The grease filters... Find out more
SIEMENS LB57574GB Canopy Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel
Add a premium feel to your kitchen with this Siemens LB57574GB Canopy Cooker Hood. Designed to remove unwanted smoke, steam, odour and vapours when cooking – for a fresher kitchen environment.Sleek and convenient designThis stylish and sleek... Find out more
SIEMENS LC98BA572B Chimney Cooker Hood - Stainless Steel
Light up your cooking area and remove unwanted vapours with this Siemens LC98BA572B Chimney Cooker Hood.Easy cleaningThe metal grease filter is designed to last for the lifetime of the product, and as the filter cassettes are easy to take in and... Find out more

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