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Smart technology is gradually introducing all-manner of exciting, everyday tech innovations that have the potential to be genuinely life-enhancing. Be it smart thermostats that enable you to take control of your energy use like never before, or smart watches that give you instant access to body monitoring data, it’s clear that smart tech is giving us the information we need to become more healthy and efficient in our day-to-day lives.

But what about the night? Recent scientific study consistently concludes that sleep plays a more significant part on our physical and mental wellbeing than previously thought. Simply put, getting better quality sleep can be transformative, enabling us to feel sharper, more energetic and better motivated throughout the day.

Our collection of sleep monitors have been developed in response to our need for better sleeping patterns. Take the Beurer SE 80 SleepExpert, a sleep monitor that sits discretely under your covers, tracking the quality of your sleep, including restfulness, heart rate, and respiratory rate. With the professional lab quality data the SleepExpert provides, you’ll be able to identify any irregularities in your sleep, so you can work to make improvements and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Like all the latest smart devices, sleep monitors like the Beurer SleepExpert transmit data to your smartphone via a low energy Bluetooth connection - this data can be read via the SleepExpert app.

The world of smart tech is rapidly expending, as a quick look at our smart technology department will quickly confirm. View all smart watches to see the latest smart wristwear from leading brands like Apple, Huawai and Samsung or view all fitness trackers to browse dedicated fitness devices from Fitbit and Garmin.

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