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Smart plugs provide another ingenious way to take control of your home. With these smart devices, you can seamlessly synch up your technologuy to really enjoy the benefits of a smart, connected home. If you’ve ever wished you could switch appliances on or off without needing to be physically present, it’s time to wake up to the potential of smart plug technology like the TP-LINK HS100 Smart Plug.

TP-Link smart plugs provide a nifty way to manage your home’s energy consumption. Using the free Kasa app, you can schedule your electronics to turn on and off as needed, or simply press a button on your phone to turn something on or off. This means you can easily control every device in your home, wherever you are. It’s a brilliant opportunity to save energy and reduce your bills. The TP-Link Smart Energy Plug can even track your device's power consumption in real-time, and has weekly and monthly summaries, so you can stay on top of your energy use. It also allows you to set a countdown timer, which automatically switches off appliances if you've set a time limit before – perfect for powering down irons and curling tongs after certain periods of use.

TP-Link smart plugs can even be paired with Amazon Echo or Google Home, giving you the power to control everything with a simple voice command. Just connect your smart socket with your WiFi and you’re ready to take control!

Our Smart home technology collection also features smart socket devices from Panasonic, Belkin and Hive. Take a tour of the full range to find a smart device that will transform your energy use and allow you to enjoy unprecedented control over your home. Our growing selection of smart home products also includes a great choice of smart lighting technology and make sure you see our smart security cameras & CCTV solutions. You’ll be amazed what a difference these game-changing new innovations can make to your day-to-day life.

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