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Things to consider

Smart Security and CCTV

When buying a CCTV kit there are a few things to think about.

How many cameras do you need? Think about the size of your property and how many potential access points there are for unwanted visitors.

What resolution camera is best? The higher the definition, the clearer the image, so if you’re a business owner and at higher potential risk to theft you might want to consider 4MP or 5MP camera kits. If you’re simply looking to keep an eye on your home whilst you’re away, a lower definition camera kit could do the job.

You should also consider your storage options.

Local Hard Drives:

  • These are built into your wired DVR or NVR and give continuous recording and local storage at no extra cost.

Cloud recording:

  • WiFi cameras will generally store footage to the Cloud and may include a limited amount of free Cloud storage.

But if you want extra storage space you may have to pay a small monthly fee. Some WiFi kits might also include a limited USB storage option too.

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Installation and Setup

If you’re not sure whether you can install the products yourself we offer a number of installation and setup services online and in-store. Our Team Knowhow colleagues will be able to help you with this. Call 0800 0234 701 for further information, or ask a member of staff in store.

Voice Control Assistants

Hands-free smart speakers use voice assistants to help you in all sorts of little ways. Control your smart home devices, get weather info, hear the news, play your favourite song and more - all with simple voice commands.

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Smart Lighting

Brighten up your home and set the mood with smart lighting. From colourful smart bulbs that create ambience, to smart light strips and smart switches, we’ve got a range of lighting options to illuminate your spaces.

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Smart Heating

Never walk into a cold home again thanks to our smart heating options. Control smart thermostats from your phone, and create custom schedules with smart radiator valves, to make your home as warm as you want.

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Our experts love

Discovering amazing tech

Our team have some serious techsperience in everything from smart phones to laundry.

That’s why we started Our Experts Love – a range of products we particularly love and think you will too. As you take a look round our website, you’ll find their thoughts on all sorts of amazing tech. And, if it comes with their recommendation, you can be sure it’s a top choice.

Make your home your haven with clever smart home products to control the things that matter. From adjusting the lighting on your phone, to switching your heating on so your house will be warm when you get back, smart home products can make your world that little bit more convenient.

With smart security cameras and home monitoring devices, you can check in on your home anytime, anywhere, for extra peace of mind. Or if you want to take control over your existing electronics without having to upgrade to a smart version - take a look at our range of smart plugs, for a completely customisable living space.