Experience sound as close to the live performance as you can get with Sony’s High Resolution Audio compatible headphones. They boast audio quality so good they can reproduce the subtlest nuances from any high resolution file playback. Whether you’re a musician, an avid gig goer or simply looking for headphones to accompany you on the morning commute or evening jog, Sony has a range of high quality headphones to meet your every need, without sacrificing on style or comfort.

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High-Resolution Audio

sony hi res audio

Hear all. Feel more. The closest thing to live music.

From source to speaker, Sony has united an array of technologies for the ultimate audio experience.


Music as the artist intended

Enjoy the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with High-Resolution Audio. Passion for music unites every component from signal to speaker.

In pursuit of true sound For and by music makers, the MDR-10 is the result of a search for true, honest sound reproduction. Feel each drum kick and emotive high as the artist intended.

A collaboration of music industry professionals Sony teamed up with members of The Script with a clear goal: to create a set of headphones that recording artists could trust. The band worked with Sony to ensure the headphones would deliver a full range of sound from crisp vocal highs through to body-shaking bass lines, while being stylish enough to wear in the studio or out.

Escape to your comfort zone When you want to block out the world, there's no better way than to immerse yourself in music. Listen in comfort with cushioned cans and a wrap-around headband.

The easy traveller When headphones are an essential item at work, at night, and on trips away, a foldable design is essential. It also helps keep them secure and tangle-free.

Bass with deep feeling The MDR-10 headphones, will satisfy the cravings of the biggest bass lovers. Feel the thump of the kick drum from a large, dynamic 40mm neodymium driver. The sculpted air vents maximise airflow within the headphone, allowing for a better response to bottom-end beats.

Hear the full range Hear deep lows and euphoric highs from 5Hz to 40kHz.

Big drivers for big bass Dynamic 40mm neodymium drivers deliver powerful bass.

A statement of style The MDR-10 headphones have on-ear cushions and a smooth exterior finish. Choose from red or black to suit your style.

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Design On-ear premium Hi-Res compact headphones Over-ear premium Hi-Res headphones
On-ear headband type headphones In ear headphones Over-ear rechargeable wireless headphones In ear smartphone compatible headphones Over-ear reversible cup DJ headphones
Inline remote Yes Yes Yes no no Yes no
Carrying case Yes Yes no Yes no no FM/AM
Weight 297g 240g 125g (without cord) Approx. 9g (without cord) 320g Approx. 3g (without cable) 220g
Foldable Yes Swivel flat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Available colours Red Black Black, Blue, White, Red Black, White Black Black, White, Red Black, Red
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