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The Sony DVPSR760HB.CEK DVD Player delivers clearer, sharper audio and visual, taking DVD quality to near high definition for a great viewing experience.Play awayThis DVD player is equipped with a USB port that allows you to playback your own... Find out more
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Offering DVD playing simplicity, the Sony DVPSR170B DVD Player is ideal for secondary rooms such as guest rooms or for kitchen viewing. The DVPSR-170B has a compact size of 270 mm that makes it ideal for placing in your kitchen or bedroom. It... Find out more

Sony DVD players are designed to make your movies look great. They’re packed with clever innovations to make DVD playback more intuitive and enjoyable. Delivering crystal clear quality and audio, they’re built to make the most of today’s HD TVs.

The current generation of Sony DVD players offers far more than just standard DVD playback. Our Sony models allow you to play a host of formats, including Xvid, MP3 and MPEG files. The Sony DVPSR760HB has a built-in USB port, which means you can plug in and play back your own content, so it’s easy to view your photos, home movies and creative content in style on your TV. You can play your own content in a wide range of formats and choose fast or slow playback with sound, so you’ll never miss your favourite home movie action moments.

Every Sony DVD player in our current range has memory capabilities, so if you have to go out half way through a movie the player will remember where you got to the next time you sit down to watch it again. They have the memory capacity to remember your place on up to 6 DVD discs, so the whole family’s happy. You can also streamline your viewing experience by adjusting settings to allow you to control your DVD player and TV with one remote.

Choose from a selection of sleek and tasteful designs, the slimmest ever made by Sony, all made to slip neatly underneath any TV. We have everything you need to complete the perfect home entertainment experience at home with soundbars, including LG soundbars, and quality HDMI cables for powerful, immersive picture and audio.

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