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Camera accessories help you get more from your DSLR, CSC, analogue camera, camcorder and smartphone. They make it easier to get the perfect shot every time, to keep your camera safe and protected – and to make photography more fun too.

From selfie sticks for amateur snappers to Fujifilm camera accessories for professionals, there are accessories out there for every photographer. Camera bags and cases ensure your camera stays safe, no matter how wild your travel adventures. Essentials like spare batteries and camera film are available in money-saving multipacks. Camera accessory kits help you save too, with kits aimed at equipping beginners, professionals, sports photographers and more with everything they need to capture the shots they want.

Improve your results and extend your camera’s capabilities with camera accessories like tripods and remote shutter release buttons – wireless shutter release buttons now let you remotely activate your shutter from up to 16ft away with no need for cables. Capture the action with sports photography accessories like handlebar camera mounts, floating straps and chest mounts.

From landscapes and portraiture to water sports and macro photography - whatever area of photography excites you, camera accessories can help you master it.

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