Taking home audio and video to the next level

Great pictures deserve sensational sound. Discover how Sony's exciting Home Audio and Video technology is complementing their range of state-of-the-art TVs, and making them even more worth watching.

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Designed to suit your home

Slim and discreet with a leather-like finish, Sony's collection of compact sound bars will elegantly complement your room. But most importantly, they'll deliver cinema-like sound with a rich, deep bass that you'll really feel. They'll act as wireless speakers, too.

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Discover the HT-MT500

This compact sound bar gives you a perfect blend of style and substance. Small yet powerful, it'll fill your home with cinematic-quality sound while also providing smart music playback.

Bring real cinema home with 4K Blu-ray DiscTM players

Get an authentic cinema experience with this 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures. 4K UHD resolution delivers pictures worthy of the big screen, while Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies provide authentic sound.

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A new dimension of sound

Sony's remarkable Dolby Atmos technology brings natural, three-dimensional sound to your home using Digital Signal Processing and S-Force Front Surround technology, all from a single soundbar and subwoofer.

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Immerse yourself in 3D sound with Dolby Atmos®

Experience a whole new world of immersive, cinematic sound at home with the Sony HT-ST500 sound bar, featuring Dolby Atmos®.

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High-resolution audio

Music as the artist truly intended

High-resolution audio will transform the way you listen to music.

The quality of high-resolution audio tracks is far higher than MP3s and even CDs – so you can hear every breath, drum beat and note.

Featured on HT-ST5000, HT-NT5, HT-CT290, HT-MT500 Soundbars and UBP-X800 and UHP-H1 Blu-ray DiscTM players

Smart sound multi-room

Sound that stays with you

Why only play your favourite tunes in one room? You can enjoy fantastic sound quality throughout your home with smart sound multi-room listening which you control with the SongPal app.

Use this app to group your Sony sound bars and wireless speakers together, then stream from your music service or TV through an HDMI, optical or analogue connection.

Featured on HT-ST5000, HT-NT5, HT-CT800, HT-MT500 Soundbars and UBP-X800, UHP-H1, BDP-S6700 Blu-ray DiscTM players

4k HDR Pass-through

Maintain 4K quality from source to screen

The 4K pass-through feature lets data to go through the system without compromising the image quality (as long as it's HDCP 2.2- compatible).

It lets you reproduces 4K signals from video equipment on compatible 4K TV screens or projectors, upholding the highest 4K standards.

Featured on HT-ST5000, HT-NT5 and HT-CT800 Soundbars