Refining our standard of 4K HDR brilliance

Dynamic contrast, accurate colours and stunning 4K detail.

With advanced processors and backlight technology, Sony's premium range of 4K HDR TVs gives you more intense colour, dynamic contrast and impressive detail than you've ever experienced before.

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Immerse yourself in the realism of 4K HDR

Whatever you're watching, you can get even closer to reality thanks to Sony's ground-breaking 4K HDR technology.

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Brilliant highlights, beautiful textures

Sony HDR preserves the detail in even the brightest and darkest scenes so you get a more dynamic and realistic picture.

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The definitive 4K HDR TV

With innovative Slim Backlight Drive+, this beautifully styled TV lets you enjoy the best of both worlds - remarkably detailed pictures and an ultra-slim design.

See the difference with a TRILUMINOSTM Display

Sony's unique TRILUMINOSTM Display delivers a rich viewing experience with a wider palette of colours and natural hues.

Reds, greens and blues (colours that are notoriously difficult for TVs to pick up) display accurately and vividly, while skin tones show up naturally with all the subtleties of real life.

User experience

Get more entertainment your way, with Android TVTM

An Android TVTM from Sony brings a whole new world of entertainment into your living room. Discover games and photos, music and movies, internet, apps, and much more.

And with the voice remote function, you call the shots. Simply press the microphone button and tell Android TVTM what you want to watch.

Your smartphone on the big screen

Voice Search has the answer

A world of apps, games and movies

Scroll back TV guide

Searching couldn't be simpler with YouView's 7-day scroll-back TV guide.

It brings together catch-up TV from across BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4 and My5 – so everything's ready and waiting for you, in one place.

Design Philosophy

Slice of Living

With clean, minimalist stand designs, accents of silver, warm tones of gold and integrated cables, Sony TVs will blend beautifully into your home and become an integral part of your living space.

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Our most powerful picture processor

Bravia's 4K HDR Processor X1TM Extreme delivers Sony's most beautiful and realistic pictures ever with 40% more power than the standard 4K Processor X1TM.

Featured on the ZD9, XE94 and XE93 series

More detail, more natural, more real

See everything you watch come to life with greater depth, detail and texture – all thanks to Sony’s 4K X-RealityTM PRO processing technology.

Featured on the XE90 and XE85 series

X-Reality Pro

Every detail reimagined

Every scene is analysed and improved thanks to an image database that addresses contrast, colour and detail, for a beautifully enhanced picture.

Featured on the XE80 series

Rediscover every detail

By refining the pixels on screen, X-RealityTM PRO cuts noise while boosting picture clarity.

Featured on the WE75, WE6 and RE4 series

Backlight Master Drive

Our ultimate precision in contrast

With its individually-controlled LEDs, BRAVIA's unique Backlight Master DriveTM makes blacks appear deeper and lights more dazzling than ever. In fact, when teamed with X-tended Dynamic RangeTM PRO, it delivers some 16 times the power of the standard XDR Contrast.

Featured on the ZD9 series

Slim Backlight Drive+

Dazzlingly bright, beautifully slim

Packing 10 times the punch of Sony's standard XDR Contrast, BRAVIA's unique Slim Backlight Drive+ unleashes super-bright peaks and exceptionally deep shadows.

Featured on the XE93 series

Full Array LED Backlight

Beautifully designed for brilliant pictures

If you're looking for enhanced contrast and picture quality, look at Full Array LED Backlight. Accurately-controlled LED clusters make it 5 times more effective than Sony's standard XDR Contrast.

Featured on the XE90 series