Soundbar Buying Guide

Get more out of your home entertainment with a sound bar

Enhance your TV’s sound without taking up space. A sound bar delivers cinema-style audio for more immersive movies, TV shows and games. They’re compact and fit neatly under your TV – some can even be wall mounted to save space.

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Why choose a sound bar?

A sound bar adds depth, power and volume to your entertainment. While your TV’s built-in speakers might sound good, sound bars let you really feel the drama of movies and music with deep bass and clear high frequency speakers that bring out every word and detail.

What are the options?

We’ve got a sound bar to suit your setup, whether it’s a discreet compact model or a curved sound bar to match your curved TV. Choose the subwoofer configuration that delivers the sound you want for your entertainment.

Sound Bar with Subwoofer

Powerful sound for those big movie moments

Enhance the way you watch TV

  • Standalone subwoofer
  • Simple TV connectivity
  • Wireless music playback
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All-in-One Sound Bar

More audio power from a single sound bar

Enhance the way you watch TV

  • Compact space-saving design
  • High-powered audio from a single unit
  • Upgradable bass for true surround sound
See our range: All-in-One Sound Bars

Cinematic Sound Bar

For a true home cinema experience

Feel immersed in the action with realistic 3D sound

  • Dolby Atmos for all-around sound
  • 4K pass-through for connecting multiple devices
  • Wireless subwoofer for deep bass and easy positioning
See our range: Cinematic Sound Bars
Which sound bar is right for me?

Add rich, detailed audio to your TV with a sound bar with subwoofer from our range

  • Separate subwoofer for deep, resonant bass
  • Multiple ways to connect to your TV
  • Bluetooth for easy music and content streaming
  • Add more speakers for true surround sound

All-in-One sound bars deliver premium, multi-dimensional sound in a single-body design

  • More audio channels for crisp, lifelike sound
  • No need for a standalone subwoofer
  • Hear more detail with Hi-Res audio
  • Bluetooth lets you stream songs from your playlists
  • Upgradable bass for true multi-channel home cinema

Cinematic sound bars complement your high-res TV with 3D surround sound

  • Dolby Atmos for real cinema quality sound
  • Object-based audio creates a 3D feel for your movies
  • 4K HDR pass-through for rich, detailed sound and picture

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Sound bar technology has evolved, encompassing full-sounding entry-level models, powerful All-in-One sound bars and premium models with Dolby Atmos for immersive, realistic-sounding entertainment. The key things to look out for are:

Dolby Atmos

Experience incredibly lifelike surround sound. Object-based audio creates a spectacular 3D sound field for entertainment that feels like it’s all around you.

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Hi-Res Audio

Hear your favourite songs in stunning clarity. With High Resolution Audio, music sounds closer to the original recordings with more audio detail than CDs and compressed formats like MP3.

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4K pass-through

Connect multiple devices to your sound bar while enjoying high-quality audio and premium picture quality on your TV. 4K pass-through acts as a hub for games consoles, set-top boxes and streaming devices.

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Wireless capabilities

You’ll find Bluetooth on most sound bars for wireless control and audio streaming. WiFi-enabled sound bars offer advanced app control, multi-room capabilities and music services like Spotify.

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Audio Return Channel (ARC)

With an ARC, you won’t need additional cabling. Our best sound bars can deliver high-quality sound and video to your TV while sending audio from TV to sound bar – all using the same HDMI port.

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Jargon buster

Bluetooth | Bluetooth enables easy wireless connections with compatible devices like your smartphone, tablet or PC. Enjoy music from your digital libraries without needing a cable.

Subwoofer | Made to deliver only bass frequencies. They’re used to fill out the sound from smaller speakers, or to enhance the low frequencies in your home theatre system.

Tweeters | Small speakers that deliver high or treble frequencies, adding detail and clarity to your entertainment.

Surround Sound | Surround speakers create the feel of onscreen sounds appearing around your room. Positon them just behind and to the side of where you’re sitting for the best sound.

Dolby Atmos | Creates a 3D audio space for stunningly realistic entertainment. The sound isn’t limited to channels, so it can be positioned and moved precisely in a 3D field.

Home Cinema | TV, audio and video devices made to recreate the feel of a cinema in your home. Usually includes a large high-resolution TV and specific audio equipment.