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How do I receive my code?

For online purchases: You'll receive your unique code via email within 2 weeks of your order.

For instore purchases: You'll find the unique code on your reciept printed out instore.

What products qualify for this promotion?

All laptops, video games, games consoles, gaming accessories, tablets, smart TVs, smart home and smart watches qualify for this promotion.

Plus audio products over £49, excluding Apple and Beats.

On all qualifying products you will see -

UK only. Purchase of qualifying device required: Any laptop, video game, games console, tablet, smart TV, smart home, smart watch. Plus any audio product above £49. Offer excludes Apple & Beats. Redeem offer at using unique code found on receipt for instore purchases or email for online purchases. New premium Spotify customers only. Offer valid from 4.10.19 to 4.10.20