Currys Super Store, PC World Birmingham (Sellyoak)

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Store Details

Unit 2A Battery Retail Park, Sellyoak, Birmingham, B29 6SJ
Sunday, 23rd JanSun, 23rd JanClosed
Monday, 24th JanMon, 24th JanClosed
Tuesday, 25th JanTue, 25th JanClosed
Wednesday, 26th JanWed, 26th JanClosed
Thursday, 27th JanThu, 27th JanClosed
Friday, 28th JanFri, 28th JanClosed
Saturday, 29th JanSat, 29th JanClosed

In-store services:

Our colleagues really know their stuff and can help you get your tech working, keep it working and help you get the most out of. So why not pop in-store whenever you need help keeping your tech ticking.
Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can also take to your local Currys store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling. We accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from us or someone else.