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Food mixers come in a range of styles and sizes that will suit any kitchen. You don’t have to be a professional chef or baker to own one as they are a great tool to have around, even when making simple dishes.

Food mixers can chop, blend and mix all kinds of food, saving you time and effort in the kitchen when you need it the most. There are several different types including stand mixers and hand mixers with top brands such as Kenwood food mixers and Bosch food mixers leading the way. If you’re looking to spend less time in the kitchen or even if you want to branch out and create more adventurous dishes you’ll find a food mixer that fits your requirements.

The Kenwood kMix KMX50GYW is a professional looking food mixer that will compliment your kitchen. It combines performance, durability and functionality. It has 8 separate speed settings, a capacity of 5 litres and has dishwasher safe parts so you’ll have no trouble cleaning it after use.

If you’re looking for a way to take some of the effort out of baking bread or cakes then a food mixer could be the ideal appliance for your kitchen.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice in the kitchen or the next potential star baker, a good electric food mixer can do the heavy lifting – or in this case mixing, whipping and kneading – for you when baking treats or preparing dinner.

If you are looking for a mixer that is as quick to assemble as it is to beat egg whites or whizz up a Yorkshire pudding mix, our range of handheld mixers are perfect for the job. Simplicity at its finest, our range of Kenwood food mixers and KitchenAid food mixers have a variety of speeds and additional accessories to choose from. Plus, their compact size means they don’t take up too much cupboard space when you are finished with them.

For a food mixer that is both an appliance and a sleek kitchen accessory, check out our collection of Smeg food mixers and KitchenAid food mixers for something to match your kitchen décor. Their stand mixers perfectly combine high performing technology with stylish design. Ideal for proficient bakers who are looking to try their hand at a range of new recipes, stand mixers come with interchangeable accessories to suit your needs. This means you can whisk, knead or beat your food to perfection. Plus, ingredients flying out of the bowl as you mix will be a problem of the past with the advanced speed settings available. The Smeg and KitchenAid stand mixers have up to 10-speed options to ensure your dough, cream or batter is the ideal consistency every time – and stays in the bowl!

Not only do both hand and stand mixers cut food preparation time down, but they also come with detachable accessories that you can pop in the dishwasher for an easy clean up once you’re done.

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