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When there are tonnes of flashy computer accessories to choose from that ramp up the aesthetic of your PC, shopping for the right computer power supply units or cable really pales in comparison. However, these are essential for making your computer run like clockwork. Currys has everything you need among our vast selection of computer HDMI cables, power supply units and other important cords.

If you are looking to make your computer run as smoothly and as quietly as possible, a Kolink PSU (power supply unit) could be the answer to your problems. With one of these, you can prevent unnecessary heat and unwanted noise while playing intensive games or during a long, hard workday. Plus, the simple-to-use cable style will make it easier to keep your case organised.

Is there anything worse than running out of HDMI sockets or USB ports to plug your charger cable in or connect a printer? Now, you don’t have to worry about rejigging your laptop set up, thanks to Sitecom connection hubs and docks. Create the ultimate working environment, by hooking up multiple monitors¸ enjoying access to an Ethernet port and anything else you need.

It’s not uncommon to have two computing devices on the go - the personal laptop you use to game late into the night and stream movies, and also the work laptop that you sit behind from 9-to-5. Switch from one to the other with ease thanks to Logik power adapters. Pick between 10 adapter tips that are compatible with most laptop brands, reducing the need to switch between different adapters.

Check out our full collection of top-of-the range computer cables and adapters to maximise your computer output. You can connect everything you need, from monitors and printers to TVs and games consoles.

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