10 amazing vlogging facts from YouTube

With 1 billion hours of YouTube content watched every day, it’s still the place to be for vloggers…

23 Mar 2020

Vlogging has become a massive part of our lives and the world’s most popular vlogging platform – YouTube – still has the most vloggers and biggest audiences. And the popularity of vlogs only seems to be growing.

If you’re planning to get a vlog started on YouTube, here’s the hair-raising homework done for you…

1. Most popular vlogger has 103 million subscribers

PewDiePie (AKA Felix Kjellberg) is a UK vlogger with 103 million subscribers, mainly due to his gaming commentaries. It’s not just gaming that’s popular. At number 3 is Nastya – a Russian-American who plays with toys. That’s a job now.

Source: Business Insider


2. 50 million content creators on Youtube

More people have created videos on Youtube since its founding than there are people living in Spain.

Source: Omnicore


3. 500 hours of video uploaded every minute

Whether it’s a how to, a reaction or even more cat footage, content creators around the world are keeping YouTube’s servers busy. That’s 30,000 hours every hour!

Source: Statista


4. 5 billion videos watched per day

At last count, there were 5 billion videos watched every day - and that number only seems to be growing. Vloggers can barely keep up.

Source: Android authority

5. 1 billion+ daily views of YouTube are on mobile

The days when mobile screens were just for texting are long gone. Mobile displays have become cinematic big screens to carry around with us. And we’re using them to watch videos. A lot of them!

Source: YouTube


6. YouTube accounts for 37% of all mobile internet traffic

A third of what we’re watching online on our phones is YouTube! No wonder that phone plans are offering more and cheaper data. We need it!

Source: Statista

7. Average 40-minute viewing session

Not only are we watching video content more often, we’re watching it for longer too. And with the popularity of On Demand services on our TVs, it’s clear that we like to watch what we want when we want.

Source: Omnicore


8. 70% of what people watch on YouTube are recommendations

If you’ve ever clicked on a video and then get some recommendations for what to watch next, that’s YouTube’s algorithm at work. It’s never been easier to binge!

Source: Hootsuite


9. YouTube provides a free filming space to popular vloggers

If you have over 10,000 subscribers, you can access one of the YouTube Spaces dotted across the world. There you can use professional sound stages and filming equipment that will make your bedroom vlogging seem a bit small potato.

Source: YouTube


10. First ever YouTube vlog…. was from a zoo

The first ever video uploaded to YouTube was from co-founder Jawed Karim from San Diego Zoo. He talked about elephants for 18 seconds. We bet you can do better!


To find out how you can get vlogging, check out our tech vlogging guide.

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