10 ways to make a tiny kitchen look stylish

From colour changes to space-saving gadgets, follow our tips for making your tiny kitchen trendy…

09 Sep 2018

Make a tiny kitchen look stylish

A lack of space doesn’t have to mean a lack of style. You just need to be a bit more ingenious with what you do have. You don’t need to spend a fortune either - a lick of paint or clever use of appliance scan do wonders. Get some inspiration from our tiny kitchen upgrade ideas.


1. Paint it white

Light, airy walls are a great way of sparking a dated kitchen back into life – however small it is. Paint them white to make the space feel cleaner and larger.

Use white-painted walls to:

  • Reflect light for a more spacious feel
  • Banish borders between walls and ceilings that can create a more enclosed feeling

Then add splashes of colour with your appliances, crockery, cookware and other accessories.


2. Co-ordinate with cool kettles and toasters

Find a kettle and toaster to go with your colour scheme. We love this stylish retro kettle and matching toaster from Morphy Richards.

Morphy Richards Kettle

Their iconic shapes give your kitchen some vintage chic. The kettle can easily make 6 cups of tea for breakfast, while the toaster has high lift and extra wide slots for easy access to your toast.

Morphy Richards toaster

Ready to go retro? Get Morphy Richards’ matching kettle and toaster set.


3. Replace pans with a slow cooker

Pots and pans can soon clutter up your space, but why get separate ones for meat, veg and stock when one will do?

Morp[hy Richards Slow Cooker

Cook everything from start to finish in a single pot with the Morphy Richards Evoke Sear & Stew slow cooker in super-stylish black and rose gold. Perfect for hearty autumn stews and soups.


4. Stay organised with old-school chalk

Wish list-making was a breeze? Tired of never being able to find a pen?

Paint the inside of a cupboard door with chalk paint and you’ve got an amazing noticeboard that takes up zero wall space.


5. Store more for less with a slimline fridge

The fridge is the biggest appliance in your home – so the smaller your kitchen is, the more it’s going to stand out. Go for a tall streamlined fridge freezer to store more with less floor space.

Grundig fridge freezer

Only 60cm wide but still equipped with a water dispenser, this Grundig fridge slots neatly into compact spaces.

Haier fridge freezer

Alternatively, you can extend your freezer space with the multidoor Haier.


6. Add a stylish coffee machine

While you may not have room for loads of gadgets, a compact coffee machine will give your kitchen a luxurious feel – without taking up too much valuable counter space.Nespresso by De'Longhi Lattissima One

For barista-style coffee, the Nespresso by De’Longhi Lattissima One in white will look incredibly chic on your worktop.


7. Save cupboard space with a storage box nest

Stuck with limited drawer and cupboard space? Rather than having lots of round and awkwardly shaped storage containers clogging up room, go for square or rectangular boxes that fit neatly inside one another.

Joseph Joseph storage boxes

Check out these colour-coordinated Joseph Joseph storage boxes.Joseph Joseph Carousel Gift Set

And to keep your worktop tidy, try this Joseph Joseph Elevate Carousel Gift Set


8. Replace utensils with a food processor

Small kitchens and bulky cooking implements generally don’t mix well. But having a tiny kitchen shouldn’t stop you from being able to sit down to a homemade meal, right?Magimix BlenderMix

A food processor is your go-to gadget for chopping, slicing, grating, mixing, whisking and kneading ingredients to prepare mouth-watering dishes, including warming soups for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

This Magimix BlenderMix food processor cuts out the need for separate utensils and appliances.


9. Build your oven into your cupboards

A freestanding oven can take up a lot of space – especially if you don’t need all those hob plates. Getting a built-in appliance means you can put your oven wherever you like and have a separate hob, so your kitchen can work better for you, whatever its dimensions.

Hotpoint Class 4 electric oven

The Hotpoint Class 4 electric oven has room for all your favourite meals with a large 71-litre capacity and full-width tilting grill.


10. Liberate your worktops of clutter

Kitchen worktops are known for accumulating clutter – spice racks, oils and vinegars, crockery that won’t fit in your cupboards. Reclaim your worktops with:

  • Easy-to fit shelving mounted on your walls – position several together on a single blank wall for an arty look
  • Magnetic spice jars to stick on your fridge – chuck out the spice rack and make your fridge earn its keep


Feeling inspired? Find stylish gadgets for your tiny kitchen


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